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Yeh you read that right!

Its a damn minefield out there. What pump to choose? Chinese plastic pumps for a dollar or high quality steel pumps for 200 dollars?

Whats the big deal they both inflate right?

Well yes and no. First you have to think of what your pump’s purpose is going to be. If its for your kids trike bike, then yeh a plastic fantastic pump for a dollar from wish or aliexpress is going to be your thing. Just don’t expect it to last more than a few pump sessions.

However if you are mildly serious about your ride we would recommend looking at the options out there. Good quality pumps are there and can be bought for reasonable prices.

If you are looking for pump that can inflate to a real high psi for track days or fast roads. Your pump needs to be big! We mean big. Frame pumps just wont cut it, regardless of manufacturer specs you rarely will breach 90 PSI with a 7 inch pump. Alot depends on atmospheric pressure, yes that does matter on mountain rides. We suggest going for a track pump, but if you need a small pump why not try a Co2 Inflator. It fits in your pocket and you can get up to 200 PSI. This is because of the highly pressurised canisters the gas comes in. Once you release it BOOM it inflates in seconds. The downside is that co2 is faster to leak out of your inner tube than traditional air. Due to the size of the molecules.

RUZER© CO2 C02 Inflator Quick & Easy Presta & Schrader Valve Compatible Bicycle Tyre Pump For Road & Mountain Bikes & Insulated Sleeve for 12g, 16g, 20g & 25g Cartridges

Frame pumps are the most popular and for good reason, they fit on most frames, are under 7inch, light weight and will inflate to a decent PSI. Enough to get you on your journey, but you wont be breaking any personal bests with the PSIs you get from them. But they are invaluable. Check out our top selling 7” pump with a telescopic frame.

Most pumps will come with a presta or Schrader conversion inside of it. Some pumps are so clever they have an adaptable valve, so eliminates the need for fiddling around. These are great especially if you have a range of valves in the household or on your wheel selection.

When choosing your pump, just remember, the best pump is the one you have on you!