Chamois cream for cyclists cycling shorts bib tights antibacterial, anti chafing moisturiser for Athletes & cyclists and intense sports running hiking soothing pad 225ml


  • Ruzer pro Chamois Cream- Made for performance and enriched with specially formulated ingredients and scent. Moisturises your skin and helps minimise friction sores or burns. Long lasting protection for hours
  • Antifungal & antibacterial protection. Provides a mild cooling effect on areas applied, reduces the build up of bacteria and germs in the body movement areas where it is applied.
  • Superb aromatic scent. Our specially selected scent will keep you smelling fresh even after a intense workout. It really smells beautiful.
  • Apply to your chamois pad on your shorts or bib tights 5-20 mins before your activity. And let the cream activate and form a protective barrier on your skin
  • Use in confidence, Made in the UK with the best ingredients and tested to the highest standards. Made to soothe the skin of cyclists, triathletes, runners, sprinters, marathon runners and other endurance competitions 225 ml, packed in a special gift tin and sleeve
2 cc1