Co2 Inflator pump Presta and Schrader Bike tires tyres insulated sleeve


  • ✅SUPER FAST INFLATION EVERY TIME HIGH PSI FOR THE PROS Our Patented GAS release system will inflate your tyre under a second with one valve turn on FULL BLAST. The integrated release valve will allow to slowly release the gas under a safe manner to get the desired pressure. Tightly screw the valve head on to either PRESTA or SCHRADER threaded valves. NO NEED TO SWITCH VALVE HEADS. Do NOT use with valve extenders, ensure you take extra care inflating PRESTA valves with extra removable cores
  • ✅Compatible with THREADED 12g, 16g, 20g & 25g Co2 Cartridges. Simply screw your cartridge on to the valve head. Make sure the Valve head is in the OFF/LOCK position. Once the cartridge is pierced you can turn the valve thumb lever to quickly inflate your tire
  • ✅DESIGNED IN EUROPE BY RUZER with CNC machined aluminium alloy under precision to ensure a high quality product for professionals and enthusiasts. This inflator is built with the highest tolerances and precision components
  • ✅【With Insulated Sleeve】Ensure you use the insultated sleeve when in operation as your Co2 Cartridge will go super cool.
  • ✅【Small and Compact】The total weight of this product is only 55 Grams. So small and compact it can be fitted in your pocket or saddle bag with no extra thought

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