Cycling overshoes Leg to ankle Waterproof Cuff Seal road mtb protective bands shoe cover neoprene material


  • RUZER pro hydrothanox range. Provides a tight seal over your leg and to your top of the overshoes. Stopping water from running down your leg and going in to the top of your overshoe and going to your feet or cycling shoes
  • Insulated / Waterproof/ Visible / Lightweight. Easy to
  • Made from Neoprene and polyester mix it will stretch and adapt to contour your shape of shoes and calf/ankle, providing a tight seal. The material is akin to a swim suit. Provides a tight seal and protection from the rain, mud, debris, wind and other conditions. Suited for Mountain bike rides or road bike rides. Reflective strip around the full circumference enhances visibility to other road users
  • To fit simply roll this gaiter on top of your overshoe and atop of your leg or if you are wearing a leg warmer. Will provide watertight seal against. Measure the circumference of gear on. and ensure it fits within these ranges to select the right size: Sizing Small-Medium (24-30 cm) (9.5″-12″). Large-Extra Large (30-38 cm) (12″-15″)