Cycling Skull cap sports cap beanie



Cycling Skull cap features overview

  • ✅【RUZER Official HELVEN ARMOUR Material】Slim lightweight breathable but above all WARM. Our patented Helven Armour material keeps your body warm and protected against wind chills and dropping temperatures, while still remaining dry and stretchable. It combines multiple ergonomic designs to contour the shape of your head perfectly
  • ✅【Keeps you warm in the lowest of temperatures】Keep your head warm underneath your helmet or on your daily runs and jogs in the winter, guarenteed to keep your head warm in the coldest of winters (-10 upwards), integrated fleece lining with a cover of lycra on the outermost layer to provide friction free and sleek coverage
  • ✅【Stitched with Pride and technique with Ergonomic fitting】We have integrated double stitching on the skull cap between panels to ensure stability and no seam tearing
  • ✅【2 Layer Lycra and Fleece】On the outside is a streamlined lycra material to keep moisture and light rain away from your head. underneath with your head is the thermal FLEECE layer that will keep your head warm ✅【COMPATIBLE for a combination of outdoor sports】This hood is so versatile in cand be used in a multitude of positions for each type of sport e.g Cycling, Running, Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Luge, Hiking, Mountaineering, Walking, Sperlunking, Rambling or even taking the dog out!
  • ✅【Optimal Temp -7 °C to 10 °C】 Use for Winter Spring Autumn even those brisk summer mornings to keep you in the optimal temperature range when you need it. ✅【Easy fitting for most people】HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE 59cm,