Cycling Sports 1st Aid kit Mini Compact Box case 48 pieces plasters


  1. Survival on the road is key when you are in dangerous sport such as Cycling. This 1st aid kit is part of your essentials accessories . Save a trip in an ambulance . Provide immediate care to your health in case of an accident while on the road. We have designed this firstaid kit to be suited to cycling or or common sport injuries. Its so small to fit in a saddle bag, pocket. Use it everywhere you travel. The best first aid kit equipment or gear is the one you have on you.
  2. We designed this kit to combat common cycling injuries you would encounter on the road, trekking, backpacking. Going over the handlebars would damage your knuckles and fingertip , So we include 5x knuckle shaped premium plasters. 5x fingertip plasters. In case of uncontrolled blood loss, there is a tourniquet to help. reduce blood flow. Falling on gravel can also damage knees so there is 2x Large injury deluxe plasters, wide enough to cover knee trauma.
  3. In addition to this there is also a body conforming bandage with safety pins in case of head face injuries or limb injury. But its not just an accident that you would need to treat, the most common injury to cyclists and runners is blister or soreness on the achilles heel. Hence there is 2 adhesive dressings that can also help with burns. It is protection from most cycling sports injuries and can even treat football injuries.
  4. The tweezers included allow you to quickly get rid of splinters that can be picked up. With the tourniquet this is a one of a kind 1st aidbox. We have analysed the most common emergency injuries and blood loss is a serious life threatening innury. This can help treat it and control. Included is alcohol free antiseptic wipes for hygiene
  5. All of the equipment is sourced in the UK with certified supplies , and packed in a hygiene sterile environment. and packed in a secure plastic box on your bike , vehicle. Rugged enough for sport activties compared to soft bags first-aid kits. Although it is designed for cycling, you can use it in the workplace, office, warehouse, home walking, trekking, car, caravan, climbing, backpackers all in a portable box 13cm x 7cm x 3cm all in for 170 grams