Extra Warm Thermal Fleece Balaclava


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  • ✅【Official RUZER HelvenArmour v2 material】 Our patented Helven Armour material keeps your body warm and protected against wind chills and dropping temperatures. V2 Means its double insulated, this Balaclava is for extreme low temperatures, but this doesnt mean it will get you stuffy, we have designed an patented microfibre breatheable air filter for yhour mouth to get warmed up air in to your lungs with total ease
  • ✅【Ventilated Microfibre Air passage】The most important aspect of any full face balaclava is the abiiity to let you breathe without hindrance. Helven Armour V2 features the dedicated mout piece to allow clean and filtered air to go through youir mouth. The material will help remove the wind chill to make breathing more comfortable without spit.
  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • ✅【COMPATIBLE for a combination of outdoor sports】This hood is so versatile in cand be used in a multitude of positions for each type of sport e.g Cycling, Running, Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Luge, Hiking, Mountaineering, Walking, Sperlunking, Rambling or even taking the dog out! Use it as a bandana, snood, neckwarmer, Pollution mask, full face balaclava. The choice is yours, simply adapt to the situation!
  • ✅【Fantastic companion for outdoor workers】If you are working outside in the winter, face protection is vital, when temperatures drop its best to get the best protection, as most heat is lost through the face. With our HelvenArmour use the full protection of our SCANDANAVIAN designed material. It keeps your face warm protectes from windchill, snow, and general coldness
  • ✅【Easy fitting for most people】HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE 59cm,