N95 N99 removable Face Mask Under Helmet Cycling Hat hood Black Balaclava


  • ✅【RUZER HYDROthanox Weather protection BALACLAVA HOOD】 Simply our most advanced Winter Cycling Outdoor Sports Balaclava. Inbuilt POLLUTION 9 layer Filter. Protection from the COLD, WIND, DUST, DIRT, SMOG, FUMES. Suited to a wide vareity of outdoor activities such as cycling, camping, running, skiing, snowboarding. Full Face coverage with extended filtrations system. You can wear it by itself or under a Helmet
  • ✅【Advanced Combintation of Materials】Our patented HYDROthanox Material combines rain protection and warmth all in 1 MATERIAL and is compatible with waterproofing spray for the ultimate hydro repellant. The back HYDROthanox hood ensures weather and rain protection from the top and back of your head. Under the outer layer is a warm layer of thermo tech fleece to insulate warmth and ensures a comfortable environment for the most important part of your body, the head.
  • ✅【6 CORE Air Pollution filtration System】Our advanced design incoporates a DUAL vent Pollution Filter. This will cut down on harmful uptake of pollutants on the road such as traffic standstill fumes, dirt, dust, water, mud, bacteria, fungus. Even if the worst of road condtions the air filtration system will allow you to breathe easily. With dual inlets your cardio vascular performance will not be affected.
  • ✅【COMPATIBLE for a combination of outdoor sports】This hood is so versatile in cand be used in a multitude of positions for each type of sport e.g Cycling, Running, Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Luge, Hiking, Mountaineering, Walking, Sperlunking, Rambling or even taking the dog out! Use it as a bandana, snood, neckwarmer, Pollution mask, full face balaclava. The choice is yours, simply adapt to the situation!
  • ✅【Easy fitting for most people】HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE 59cm, Air flters are easily replaceable and are stocked by us. The HYDROthanox material is a special mixture of comfort, warmth and weather proof protection, please be aware the HYDROthanox hood is rainproof and resistant to splashes of water and rain drops, it is NOT plastic hence not compareable to a rain mac or PU material. We have chosed this level of waterproof to provide the best overall protection to the ever changing weather conditio