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  • Ruzer pro thermal toe covers – Warm your toes up in the winter when you are cycling. Designed to slip on the front of either your mountain bike or road cycling shoes. Extra thick Neoprene material deflects wind and cold temperatures. Introduces another layer on top of your toes to keep warm
  • Hi visibility funky design – be seen on the road with our new Retro Aztec look. Blue, green, grey & black pattern
  • Aerodynamic coefficient. This are made to be sleek and thin, without adding much weight to your feet, even a couple of grams add more weight and more power needed on every revolution. These cycling overshoes are designed for Professional cyclists and Commuters alike, to ensure that extra fatigue is kept to a minimum
  • Fits any style of cycling shoes. Has dedicated openings on the sole for cleats and grips and type SPD, Look, Mountain Bike, Hybrid, Road. Just simply pull the overshoes over your shoe and fit it to the desired positions
  • Sizing Small/Medium 37-41, Large/ XL 42-47. Universal fit

toe cover

Overshoes are there to protect your expensive shoes from weather and debris.

Your feet are the most crucial part of your body when it comes to cycling, it’s the main contact and anchor point between yourself and the bike, so it is imperative it has optimal conditions to operate in.

During winter cycling this is where you get attacked by all the elements, and it’s imperative you find the right gear to match the difficult environment you find yourself in, this requires the best match of equipment to you.

toe cover