NEUTRON mini Blast PUMP Fits Presta Schrader (Reversible Valve) 230 PSI 15.7 BAR Portable Compact easy for MTB road hybrid


  • ✅【RUZER NEUTRON BLAST PUMP】 Made from high quality Aluminium alloy with precision made parts built to last and reliable. The CNC machined Valve head is one of a kind, with a easy 2 step PRESTA SCHRADER switch valve.
  • ✅【CNC MACHINED VALVE HEAD】 This is simply the best valve head on the market. The weak point but most important part of any pump is the valve head. We have engineered this in Germany to provide a super tight seal around any presta schrader valve head. To give consistent and air tight seal while pumping, You wont hear any air escaping once you have connected the pump and start inflating. Get real high PSI with a protable.
  • ✅【INCREASED VOLUMETRIC PUSH】The barrel on the RUZER NEUTRON BLAST PUMP is fatter and wider than traditional pumps. This allows you to blast more air in the inner tube every time you pump. This allows you in combination with the German engineered valve head to maintain a HIGH PSI. Which no other pump can do at this size
  • ✅【SMALL COMPACT LIGHT 95 Grams 】Even though high PSI can be achieved, this is usually is the domain of large track pumps. With this you can achieve rock hard inflation with a small portable light pump. Mount it to your frame or place in a saddle bad or pannier. So light at 95 grams
  • ✅【MULTIPURPOSE & DURABLE】This pump can also be used for Prams, buggies, BMX bikes, football and other ball equipment (needle required) cyclocross

Technical Details

Weight 95 Grams
Barrel Range 17cm -27cm
Max PSI 230
Valve Compatibility PRESTA SCHRADER
Valve Type Metal Machined CNC precision valve
Usage Track competition, Mountain bike, Road, Hybrid