Rattle free 2x Carbon fibre pattern Bottle cage 2x 750ml Hi vis Neon Green bottles frame mount screws for bikes cycles


  • RUZER pro Bottle and cage bundle. Carbon fibre look pattern. Looks like a carbon fibre print cage holder at a fraction of the price
  • Made in the UK. Exclusively from RUZER sports, a pair(2x) of water sports bottles 750ml. In neon yellow green hi visibility. It can be used to store water or any sports fuel for cycling, exercise, running and gym . Features a non drip sports water bottle cap. Just pull it open with your mouth or fingers
  • Guaranteed to rattle free. This bundle has been designed to be extremely tight fit to avoid annoying rattles or bottles coming out through the harshest rides or over bumps. Slot the bottle in to the bottle cages and appreciate how secure it is.
  • The Ruzer pro Sports water bottle also features a grippy indented middle to allow you to hydrate or drink quickly while doing your sports. Fits any type of sports bottle holder . Stand out from the normal sports water bottle with the neon green colour. Locate it easily
  • Kit includes: 2x Neon Bottle 750ml, 2x Carbon fibre pattern Bottle cage, 4x frame screws