TELESCOPIC Mini Bike pump Alloy 7″ inch Fits Presta Schrader (Reversible Valve) 140 PSI 9.7 BAR Extendable Barrel Green


  • ✅【METAL ALLOY 7″ inch pump with Gauge 】 Made from high quality aluminium alloy with expertly crafted parts, built to last and reliable. This pump is built to perform and will be an integral part of your daily ride. Outlasting plastic made pumps
  • ✅【EXTENDABLE AND TELESCOPIC PUMP BARREL】RUZER PRO alloy 7 pump comes with an extendable telescopic pump that extends from 7″/17cm to 16″/ 42cm. Allowing to make less pumps with more air and higher PSI . Saves you time and energy while dealing with a flat and get you quickly riding back on the road
  • ✅【INLINE GAUGE】The RUZER pro pump is the only pump at this price point that is built with a metal barrel that has an inbuilt Gauge. Instantly know what PSI your inner tube is inflated to. Adjust PSI for the conditions you are facing. Accurate readings
  • ✅【PRESTA & SCHRADER compatible 】Simply follow the instructions to switch between PRESTA & SCHRADER valves. Takes seconds to convert. This makes this pump perfect companion for both road, mountain bikes, hybrids and others. Provides a tight seal with no air leaks while inflating
  • ✅【MULTIPURPOSE & DURABLE】This pump can also be used for Prams, buggies, BMX bikes, football and other ball equipment (needle required) cyclocross


A multi functional pump that can be used in your repair kit accessories

on a bike frame mounted

Robust and secure fitted frame bracket

Compact & Lightweight

The perfect road bike pump at only 7’’ (17cm) long extending to a huge 16″ (42cm) with the telescopic barrel. Allowing more volume with fewer pumps


This pump has been designed with a premium dual metal barrel shafts, ensuring this pump will outlast plastic barrelled pumps . Telescopic shaft and piston, deliver efficient High Performance.


tyre-pressure gauge is a pressure gauge used to measure the pressure of tyres on your bike.

Since tyres are rated for specific loads at a certain pressure, it is important to keep the pressure of the tyre at the optimal amount.

PRESTA AND SCHRADER COMPATIBLE – It comes with a reversible Presta and Schrader valve attachment which makes a perfect mini bike pump for both road or mountain bikes connections and enables a tight seal with no air leaks

How to change valves

How to change the Valve from presta to schrader and vice versa

The 2 valves are located inside the pump head.

  1. Unscrew the cap and pull out the washer and valve inlet
  2. Switch to the desired preset (see image)
  3. Refit all parts


in the sun

Ultra portable & lightweight

Mountain bikes

Racing bikes

Road bikes

Hybrid bikes


E- Scooters

Technical Details

Weight 110 Grams
Barrel Range 17cm – 43 cm
Max PSI 140
Gauge Inline Gauge
Body Construction Aluminium Metal alloy Barrel , Rubber Handle
Valve Compatibility PRESTA, SCHRADER