Thermal Warm Leg warmers Cycling Sports Shock impact compression protection padded base layer long sleeve with HEXcelpad


  • The Insulating RUZER pro Leg warmers with HEXCELpad technology. This impact protection pad will provide added protection to your leg and knee in case of a dismount or falling on to the ground. As well as remaining flexible with the hexagonal pattern, curving to the shape of your knee it provides thermal insulation and protection and aerodynamic efficiency
  • The RUZER pro leg warmer comes woven with Compression technology to reduce fatigue in your arms. In tandem with the thermal lining of the arm warmer it will help your arm muscle stamina.
  • Machine Wash
  • Fastening: Pull On
  • Cycling
  • LWT854
  • It’s thin enough to be worn inside as a base layer or over the top of a bib tights (please select sizing on preference). An Anti slip ring is located on the quadriceps cuff to ensure your leg warmer doesn’t move during activity regardless of it being on skin or on materialAdded reflective strip on calf cuff to enhance visibility at night with a distinctive neon pattern to improve daytime visibility. Can also be used not just for cycling but also hiking, trekking, gym wear, football, basketball, all manner of outdoor pursuitsCombined with the HEXCELpad technology and the thermal properties, the RUZER pro leg warmer is the ultimate in technical cycling base layer for cold winters and windy autumns
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